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Whether you have been to Italy or not, you may already know that we take our cooking seriously! Simplicity is the key, you don’t need many ingriedients to make a tasty dish, you need them to be genuine, fresh and treat them gently. Pizza is the best example of something very simple in theory but extremely connected to the tradition, of the Napolitano people. With the simplicity of the ingredients used, this allows us to offer the experience of Tastes of Napoli, to you here in Manly. Our oven has been made in the heart of Napoli with ancient stones from the Amalfi coast. We are True Napolitans, with a true heart and passion for cooking. This is really a little bit of Napoli here in Manly and we hope you will enjoy what we think is special, genuine and above all an experience that you will remember…


Our Pastry chef will lead you to beautiful tastes among Sourthern Italy traditions, from Sicily to Napoli

Masseria Frattasi


Winery founded in 1779 in Montesarchio; it has been cultivating grapes for generations, currently the company has 30 hectares of vineyards and 10 hectares of olive groves, as well as woods and land located almost all in the mountains, it also cultivates vineyards in Anacapri and Baselice, and has some of the oldest vineyards in Campania; our cultivation methods are environmentally friendly.
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