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Welcome to deVita

Whether you have been to Italy or not, you may already know that we take our cooking seriously!
The passion for food from the Napolitan region has been, in recent years influenced from many cultures, including French and Spanish. However, the story starts long before, these cultures with Etruscans, Greeks and Roman empires...
Through the years, most of the traditional dishes and recipes are often the creation of mothers and grandmothers rather than that of chefs, which makes many of the recipes ideally suited for home cooking.
Simplicity is the key, you don't need many ingriedients to make a tasty dish, you need them to be genuine, fresh and treat them gently as our grandmothers have tought us.
Pizza is the best example of something very simple in theory but extremely connected to the tradition, of the Napolitano people.
With the simplicity of the ingredients used, this allows us to offer the experience of Tastes of Napoli, to you here in Manly.
Our oven has been made in the heart of Napoli with ancient stones from the Amalfi coast, our multi-awarded Maestro di Pizziaioli is a fourth generation maker with experience spanning across his entire family and exposure to different Pizzeria's across Naples.
Our chef, Vincenzo De Vita, is a multi acclaimed professional, who has been working in Australia for many years, his experience has spanned from the Northern Beaches of Sydney to the Mid North Coast, cooking what he has learned in Italy and using the best ingredients this beautiful country offers.
We are True Napolitans, with a true heart and passion for cooking. This is really a little bit of Napoli here in Manly and we hope you will enjoy what we think is special, genuine and above all an experience that you will remember...

Buon Appetito

Chef: Vincenzo DeVita
Pizziaiolo: Dino Mauro

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Rustic and simple is the way we feel about food and therefore is the way we wanted our restaurant to be. You will feel at home sitting at our tables and enjoying your time with us. And, if you want the chance to see what making a traditional pizza is all about, you can do it sitting at our "pizza-bar"! It's more or less the same thing as a japanese sushi bar where the sushi master will prepare specials right in front of you as he does them. This is what our expert pizzaiolo will do whilst you'll sit there and enjoy a glass of wine. It's also perfect for a quick lunch or dinner with friends!

Licensed and BYO


The name of Campania region comes from Campania felix, a latin phrase roughly meaning "fertile land". It has a historical link to the wine (dating back to the 12th century BC) makes it one of the oldest wine producing regions in Italy. Ancient empires, including Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, had considerable influence on the viticulture traditions of this land. We can serve you some of the best wines that this region has to offer, together with some great Sicilian wines that have a similar history and grow on volcanic soils as the ones in Vesuvius area. Finally our menu wouldn't be complete without adding some Australian wines that match our food and tradition and therefore we are proud to serve. The king of red wines is the Aglianico, introduced in the area by the Greeks and then cultivated by the Romans, it finds its best expression in the Taurasi. The white protagonists are Greco, which like Aglianico, brought to Campania by the Greeks, and Fiano which dates back more than 2000 years (its name comes from vitis apiana, meaning wine beloved of bees). Falanghina is also highly regarded as one of the finest grapes, its honeyed sweetness gaining it's praise from Pliny the Elder, an ancient philosopher, who often mentioned the term Vino Veritas "there is truth in wine" throughout his writings.

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Thank you for choosing us! You can easily book a table here. If you have special requests don't esitate to contact us so that we can assist you. Grazie and see you soon!

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Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday
10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Takeway Always Available

2 - 8 Darley road
2095 Manly - NSW
P. 02 80686751

Free parking for our costumers entering from Wentworth street.


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